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In a world where change is the only constant, people that excel are those who dare to find new paths and lead deep and meaningful changes in their lives, professional performance and in society.

FRST – Falconi Road of Skills and Talents was created to confront this reality. More than simply an educational platform, a catalyst for talent development.

The best path
is the one that
makes sense to
society and each
person’s potential

Professionals connected by the desire to embrace new challenges and achieve exceptional results.

In order for a person to be the protagonist of their own journey, we understand that different professionals need tools adapted to their realities. That is why we have created an individualized learning approach. Meaning each user can learn from specialists and tailored market cases, designed for their development.

With continually updated content designed for immediate application, the focus remains on skill development for the generation of measurable results. All of this delivered via a technological experience, practical, dynamic and with awareness of the user’s needs.

Together, we have created a network capable of sharing the leading edge of managerial best practices.


To be FRST is to be brave
to be in front
And to explore the unknown

It is daring to think differently
being an agent of change

To be FRST is to achieve excellence
It is to excel by mastery
And elevate standards

It is to dive in yourself
And bring out all your potential.

To be FRST is to be the protagonist
Of your own journey
To go far on your path

Conquering great achievements
That reverberate
And by doing so,
Change the future, now.

A team of advisors with solid market recognition.


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Who is facing the challenge of transforming thousands of leaders in the country?

Meet our team, which brings together talents and diverse experiences to support professionals and companies in their journey of evolution.

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CEO's Words


The CEO and founding partner of FRST Falconi shares some of her trajectory until the creation of a system that would be able to prepare professionals for the current (and future) challenges of society.

With an entrepreneurial soul, she started her career at Falconi, motivated by the possibility of changing people’s lives. After many years of experience, she took on the challenge of revolutionizing learning through technology and applied knowledge, initiating FRST.

A story that begins with many experiences to share

We are an initiative of Falconi, leader in management consulting and recognized helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency and generate exceptional results. Founded by Professor Vicente Falconi, who has 30 years of marketing experience supporting companies like Ambev, Gerdau and BRF to improve their management systems, always emphasizing the necessity of good practices and total quality for sustainable growth.

Falconi is recognized for its ability to help organizations build exceptional results by improving its management system.